Q: What is WHITE? 什么是白会员?

A: WHITE is an exclusive cardless membership program that allows members to earn W Dollars, equivalent to a 5% rebate on total bill spent for each visit. W Dollars works just like cash and accumulates within the member’s account and can be used to partial offset for next visit’s bill or accumulates till such amount that can be used to offset a full bill. 白会员是我们一项独家的无卡会员计划,它能让会员们赚取W Dollars,相等于消费数的5%回扣。W Dollar 类似于现金,累积在您的会员户口。您能用累积到的W Dollars 来部分支付下一次的消费数或继续累积到能完全支付整数。

Q: What is W Dollars? 什么是W Dollars?

A: W Dollars is our company’s currency which serves as a rebate for our members and can only be used at our participating outlets for both dine-ins and takeaways. Basic member level will receive W Dollars, an equivalent of 5% off each total bill, Premium member being 10% and VVIP member being 15%. W Dollars 是我们公司的货币,会员们能从消费中得以回扣,并以W Dollars 储存在会员户口中。普通的会员级别能索取5%的总消费回扣。Premium 会员级别能索取10%的总消费回扣, 而VVIP会员级别能索取15%的总消费回扣。

Q: How do I apply as a WHITE member? 有兴趣者要如何申请当我们的白会员?

A: At present, you may only sign up at any of our outlets (except Jewel Changi and Tampines Mall). Simply check with any of our staff during your visit with us. 在现,您只能到我们的任何一家分店 (除了星耀樟宜与淡滨尼广场) 申请。请向我们的服务员加以查询。

Q: What is the minimum age that I can apply as a member? 有兴趣者要几岁才能申请会员资格?

A: There is no minimum age required. 我们没有年龄上地约束。

Q: What are the fees involved to apply as a member? 该会员申请地费用是?

A: A sign-up fee of SGD $15 applies and is payable at any of our outlets (except Jewel Changi and Tampines Mall). A $15 e-voucher will be issued upon successful sign-up and redeemable on that day’s bill. 会员申请费列为$15,能在我们的任何分店(除了星耀樟宜与淡滨尼广场) 支付。一旦正式成为我们的会员,您将现有一张$15的电子券,并能当天即用。

Q: What is the validity of my membership? 该会员卡的有效期是?

A: Membership is valid for 1 year from the date of application and renewable on a yearly basis. E.g. If you have applied for your membership on 5th September 2017, your membership will expire on 4th September 2018. 会员卡的有效期是从当天申请的日期长达1年。例:申请日期是9月2号2017年,满期将是9月1号2018年。

Q: How do I renew my membership? 会员们要怎么更新自己的会员卡?

A: At present, you may do so at any of our outlets (except Jewel Changi and Tampines Mall). A $15 e-voucher (for basic membership level) will be issued upon successful renewal and it is redeemable on the spot. 在现,您能在我们任何的一家分店更新会员证 (除了星耀樟宜与淡滨尼广场)。更新成功后,您将会立即收到$15的电子券 (普通会员级别), 也能即刻用于支付部分或整数的消费。

Q: what are the types of membership available? 三巴旺白米粉有哪几种的会员卡?

A: At present, we have only 1 membership type and all members starts as a basic member level upon signing up.

When you have spent $1288 and more within a year, you will be upgraded to our Premium member level immediately and enjoy more W Dollars, an equivalent of %10 rebate off total bill and a $30 birthday voucher during birthday month.

The next level would be our VVIP member level which is by invitation only and our VVIP gets to enjoy even more W Dollars, an equivalent of 15% rebate off total bill, $50 birthday voucher and priority queue status.

在现, 我们只有一种会员卡,而会员们将从普通会员级别开始。

当会员在一年内消费$1288或以上,将立即被提升为Premium会员级别,同时也能享受更多W Dollars相等于10%的总消费数回扣和$30的生日电子券。


Q: What is the validity of the e-vouchers and how does it work? 电子券的有效期长达多久和它的用法?

A: There are 2 types of e-vouchers. For e-voucher earned during sign-up, the validity is 1 year from date of sign-up and you may use it to offset from your total bill.

The birthday e-voucher is issued on the 1st of your birthday month and can only be used during your birthday month to offset from your total bill spent within the membership validity (For example, Birthday falls on 1 March and membership expires on 29 March. Hence, Birthday e-voucher is valid from 1 March till the last day of membership on 29 March).


生日电子券的有效期只限于会员的生日月份, 在会员证的有效日期之内(例:生日在31日,会员证有效至329日。因此,生日电子券的有效日期是31日至329日)


Q: What is priority queue status for? 什么是排队优先权?

A: When you are a VVIP status member, you will have priority seating by being the next in queue and need not join the queue if any. 当您提升为VVIP会员级别时, 您将拥有座位上地优先权,也就是无需参与排队,只需等下一个空位便能立即被引进用餐。



Q: How am I recognised as a member? 该餐厅如何辨认会员们?

A: You will be identified by your mobile number. 我们将以会员们的手机号码作为辨认。

Q: Can I enjoy my membership privileges immediately upon successful application? 会员们能在成功申请会员卡后立即享用卡中的优惠吗?

A: Yes. Your W Dollars will start accumulating upon successful application and you may redeem the e-voucher on the spot. 能。从申请成功后,您就能开始消费和同时储存W Dollars。在当场收到的电子券也能一并使用。

Q: What are my privileges during my birthday month? 会员们在生日时有什么特别待遇?

A: A $20 e-voucher will be emailed to your registered email address on the 1st day of your birthday month. 普通级别的会员们在生日月份能享有一张$20的生日电子券发送到登录的电子邮件。

Q: Can I enjoy my membership privileges during festive seasons and special occasions? 在特别季节和公共假日,会员们能享用会员卡的特别待遇吗?

A: Yes. Our membership program allows our members to enjoy W Dollars at any time and accumulated W Dollars can be used to offset for subsequent visit’s total bill with the exception and not limiting to amount offset from e / vouchers, promotions and etc. Unless otherwise stated. 能。我们的会员卡能让会员们在任何时刻都享有W Dollars,也能用于扣除下一次的消费额。只有电子/券,任何促销和等等所能扣除的数目不限在内。

Q: Will I receive W Dollars for takeaways? 会员卡能在外带时也储存W Dollars吗?

A: Yes. You will receive W Dollars for both dine-ins and takeaways. 能。无论是室内用餐或外带,您的会员卡都会储存W Dollars。

Q: Can I use my W Dollars to offset for takeaways? W Dollars能用来扣除外带地消费数吗?

A: Yes. You may use your accumulated W Dollars to offset for both dine-ins and takeaways. 能。会员们能用储存到的W Dollars来扣除室内用餐和外带的总消费额。

Q: Can my family and friends enjoy the privileges if I am not present during point of billing? 会员们的家人或朋友能在会员们不在场地情况下享有会员们本身的特权吗?

A: No. Members must be present at point of billing to enjoy privileges. 不能。会员们必须在场才能享有特权。

Q: Is my membership transferable? 会员们能把会员身份转让给别人吗?

A: No. Our membership is non-transferable. 不能。我们的会员身份只限于本人。

Q: How do I know when my membership is expiring, and how much W Dollars is remained in my account? 会员们要怎么知道自己的会员卡几时到期和所剩的W Dollars有多少?

A: An email indicating the amount of remaining W Dollars will be sent to you 1 month before your membership expires. Your W Dollars will also be reflected in your receipt. 们将会在您的会员卡到期的一个月前发电子邮件通知您所剩下的 W Dollars。您的W Dollars也会反应在您每次消费时的账单上。

Q: Is there a limit to how much W Dollars I can earn? 会员卡有限制能储存多少的W Dollars吗?

A: No. We do not set any limit to the amount you can accumulate. Just take note of your membership expiry date. 不。我们并没有限定您能储存多少的W Dollars, 但您必须注意您的会员卡的有效期限。

Q: How do I update my personal particulars if I have a change of address, email or contact, etc? 会员们要如何更新个人资料例如,地址,电子邮件地址或联络号码等等?

A: You can update your personal particulars by emailing to: .请将要更新的个人资料发给我们的电子邮件:

*All details in Chinese serves only as a form of translation. If any confusion arises, please refer to the English version as the accurate source.