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What is the difference between the previous and NEW membership programme?
Membership Validity
1 year
Lifetime (Basic)
Rewards (Rebate)
W Points
Rewards Expiry
Upon membership expiry
365 days from last transaction date
Birthday Voucher
Remains unchanged
1. Am I still a member of White Restaurant if my membership expiry date falls between the period from 26 Jun 2023 to 25 Jun 2024?

Yes, your membership will qualify as the BASIC membership tier in our new membership programme with a lifetime membership validity.

2. Can I upgrade my BASIC membership to GOLD membership?

Yes, you may UPGRADE your GOLD membership @$58.80.

3. What happens to my unused WDollars?

Your WDollars will be converted to W Points and extended for 90 days. Every $1 WDollar equates to 20 W Points.
*Only existing valid WDollars that are unused will be converted to W Points.
Example: $3.00 WDollars in previous account, will now be 60W Points.

4. What happens to my unused welcome/ birthday vouchers?

Your valid unused welcome/ birthday vouchers will be given an extension of 90 days
For eg: You have a welcome/ birthday voucher expiring on 4 Jul 2023, the new expiry date will be 30 Oct 2023.

5. Where can I use my W Points and vouchers?

You may use them at all White Restaurant outlets. Click HERE to find us. 

For more enquiries, email us at:

How to activate (Existing Active WHITE members)
1. Via Gmail
2. Via Facebook
3. Via Email